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How PowerView® Automation Improves Homes

How PowerView® Automation Improves Homes Near Bedford, Massachusetts (MA) including Motorized Blinds, Shutters and Custom Shades

In-home technology doesn’t just improve how you watch TV or communicate with your friends. You can use technology to improve every aspect of your home, including controlling your windows. When you choose custom window treatments from Hunter Douglas, you’ll get to pick your preferred way of operating your windows, including the PowerView® Automation operating system.

How PowerView® Automation Works

At first glance at your motorized blinds, shades, or shutters, you’d never guess that they were capable of moving on their own. However, the first hint will come when you notice there are no cords on your shades or tilt-bars on your shutters. This is because there are small, neatly hidden batteries that allow your window treatment to be controlled remotely using your device of choice. You can choose sleek hand-held or wall-mount devices or simply download the PowerView® App for your personal device. With the press of a button or the tap of your phone, your motorized window treatments adjust exactly the way you want.

The app also features easy-to-use functions that enhance the convenience of this brilliant operating system, like scene-settings. Let’s say you want to adjust your shutters to let light inside but block glare on a window that gets hit with sunlight in the early evening. Simply save this setting in the app and select it whenever you want. And if you have Siri, Google Home, or other voice-command systems, you can access your scene settings without even having to pull your phone out.

So, why choose to automate your windows with motorized window treatments?

Make Your Home More Comfortable

While having motorized window treatments obviously makes it easier to control your windows while you’re at home, it can keep your home comfortable while you’re away as well. For instance, if you left for work during a summer morning but left your shades up in your living room, your home could be baking hot when you get back. Or, you could waste a bunch of energy as your air conditioning tries to keep up. But with the app, you can control your windows even while you’re out of the house. And if the weather suddenly changes while you’re still at home, keeping your home comfortable is as easy as using your voice.

Make Your Home Safer

As mentioned earlier, your windows will be free of traditional methods of operation since there won’t be any need for them. In addition to making your windows look better, this also makes your home a safer place for all members of your home. Hanging cords are dangerous for pets and kids, but if your window treatments move electronically, there’s no need to have them at all. Plus, the electronic components of your motorized window treatments are all securely concealed, so you have nothing to worry about.

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