Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics, including Traditional, Natural and Soft. Traditional fabrics feature a classic look, Natural fabrics showcase elements typically found in woven woods and Soft fabrics offer elegant textures. Available in a variety of lifting systems and design options.

Designer Roller Shades

Special Features

Designer Roller shades take the traditional roller shade to a whole new level of stylish, sophisticated, fun, fresh … anything but ordinary.

• Extensive fabric choices – Designer Roller shades offer a variety of fabric and color styles ranging from classic to casual to elegant, allowing for a perfect fit for the most formal setting to the new nursery.

• Top design options – Choose to upgrade to a fabric-wrapped cassette that conceals the fabric roll and clutch for a clean, attractive look. Metal Fascia and Pocket options are also available.

• Decorative bottom treatment options – Create a finished look with a wide choice of bottom treatment options – round bottom bar, decorative metal end caps, flat metal bottom bar and decorative hem with petite gimp trim.

• Round Bottom Bar
– This is the standard fabric-wrapped round bottom bar offered with the Designer Roller shade. The round design adds symmetry to our roller shades, with the bottom of the shade echoing the shape at the top of your Designer Roller shade.

• Decorative Metal End Caps
– Add elegant detail to your Designer Roller Shade with the addition of the decorative metal end cap available in 2 styles – Beveled and Flat.

• Flat Metal Bottom Bar
– The sleek design of the flat metal bottom bar completes the look of your shade and is available in either fabric-wrapped or with a color-coordinated finish.

• Decorative Hems with Petite Gimp Trim
– A classic option that hasn’t gone out of style is our decorative hem option with petite gimp trim. Choose from 7 hem styles and 10 petite gimp trim colors.

• Standard Lifting System – Continuous Beaded cord with clutch system. With this lifting system, your Designer Roller shade can easily be positioned at any level with precise manual control. The Continuous Beaded Cord loop is installed with a universal cord tensioner, UCT, for enhanced child and pet safety.

• Cordless Lifting System – Featuring a revolutionary spring operated system that eliminates the need for any cords or loops. Simply pull and release the bottom bar to gently raise and lower your shade to the desired position.

• Motorization – Upgrade your Designer Roller Shade with our Quiet Motor. Raise and lower your shade with a simple touch of a button. Operating hard to reach and large shades has never been so easy!

• Harmony™ Program – Choose from a wide selection of fabrics from Designer Screen Shades and Skyline&#reg; Gliding Window Panels that can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. This option is ideal for multiple windows requiring both applications in the same room. Your room — in perfect harmony!

• Dual Roller Shade – Choose fabrics of varying opacities for optimal privacy and light control. Choose a sheer to semi sheer fabric on one shade for filtered light during the day. Choose a light blocking fabric for the other shade for enhanced privacy at night. Never before has there been this much light control in a roller shade!

• Lifetime Guarantee – As with all Hunter Douglas window fashions, Designer Roller Shades are backed by the exclusive Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee.

Energy Efficient

For over 60 years, Hunter Douglas has been creating and offering natural and appealing ways to harness heat and light. Designer Roller Shades help save energy at the window in the following ways:

Insulation: Designer Roller Shades boast high R-values—the measure of a product’s ability to resist heat flow&mdash:helping reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and creating a more comfortable room setting.

Solar Heat Control: Designer Roller Shades, help reduce the amount of solar heat that passes through the window, which is known as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The lower the SHGC, the more protected your home is from the sun’s heat in the summer.

Note: For optimal insulation and solar heat control, choose a room-darkening fabric and keep shade fully lowered to block heat, or raised to allow it in to warm a room. In addition, white and light-colored fabrics improve a product’s solar heat control.